Is It Safe To Read Free Ebooks Online To Download?

With the advancement in technology and 5G network, more and more people are leaning towards learning through digital formats in the form of ebooks. But, is it safe to read free ebooks online to download? It’s not that secure to read ebooks for free as cyber attackers may have infected those ebooks with malware. So, today we are going to discuss cybersecurity points that one should keep in mind while reading and downloading free ebooks.

Whether you are reading from a traditional paperback, or on a computer, or on your smartphone, the basic objective of reading a book or ebook is to gain more knowledge and grow more. We also appreciate the significance of books in our life and their worth in making an individual a better person. But, with the increasing use of ebooks to read, cybercriminals are now indulged in practices to infect the free ebooks online to download with malicious software.

It’s not that all the free ebooks available online are not safe and are malicious. There are millions of free ebooks available online in the public domain, which you can download and read. Even the works of new authors and writers are available for free for the purpose of publicity. Even some writers publish their old work for free on a temporary basis to promote their upcoming new work. So, to understand which ebooks are safe to read and which ebooks are not, you have to keep the following things in mind while downloading the ebooks:

  • Avoid Pirated Books: Some people tend to download pirated versions of the ebook to save some money. However, saving some extra penny can cost them big as the pirated versions may contain viruses, spyware, or malware that can get into your device and steal your personal information or damage the device. So, never download a pirated ebook.
  • Download The Ebook From A Trusted Retailer: It’s always safe to download the ebooks from an authorized and trusted seller only like ebooks Amazon. Some of the ebooks are provided for free by such authorized retailers, which you can rely upon and enjoy your reading.
  • Avoid Piracy: There are several users out there who buy the ebooks from an authorized retailer and then distribute it to other readers. Distribution of ebooks without the permission of the authorized company or author is a punishable offense. Distributing copyrighted material is considered piracy, so avoid indulging in such practices.
  • Don’t Get Attracted To Free Material:  There are a number of suspicious websites out there that provide bestsellers for free. When you look at these sites for the first time, they may not look like a suspicious one. But, in reality, they are actually distributing the copyrighted material in an unauthorized way. Such pirated material comes with the tag “free,” but it actually comes with a big price. These ebooks are downloaded in various file formats like .pdf, .exe, .zip, and .epub. The file may contain viruses. On opening the file, it may install some spyware to your device that can keep a tab on your web-surfing habits.
  • Install Antivirus: It is advisable to use a reputed antivirus that scans all the downloaded ebooks for any type of malicious software. The antivirus will notify you and block access to the infected file so as to restrict the entry of any nasty virus in your device.

Follow the above steps while reading free ebooks to download and always remember the thumb rule that if it looks too good to be true, then be attentive as it might be a bait offered by the cyberattacks to trick you.   

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