The Cybersecurity Trends Of 2020 And The Cyber Threats That The World Might Face In The Future

In the past few years, we have seen a severe growth in the cyberattacks across the whole globe. In 2020 also, cybercrime has broken all the charts, and therefore, we have come up with the cybersecurity trends of 2020 and the cyber threats that the world might come across.

According to a study done by Cybersecurity Ventures, by 2021, the cybercrimes will cost the world around $6 trillion. Shocking, isn’t it? Yes, it is a significant number but not that surprising for a person who has been keeping track of the hacker’s and scammer’s exploits. Cyber attacks today have become part of the big news headlines. We can see the cyberattacks news regarding data and security breaches of big reputed organizations every now and then. So, here is a short list of cybersecurity trends of 2020 and the cyber threats that can have a great impact on business organizations, government, and individual users. The following cyber threat trends can negatively affect the world in the coming year and beyond.

  • 5G Implementation

With the introduction of 5G technology, the data volume, along with the number of connected devices as well as sensors, will increase at a high rate. There will be electronic health applications that will keep track of the data relating to an individual’s wellbeing. There will be car technology that will monitor the movement of the users. Smart applications will collect every bit of information regarding a user’s life and work for better functioning. Such an extensive collection of personal data using 5G technology will call for a need for more advanced cybersecurity measures for the safeguard against any data breaches.

  • Deepfakes

We can understand deepfakes as a combination of two words, i.e., deep learning and fake. Deepfakes come into play using the artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which fakes the images as well as the sound of an individual, which appears to be real.

Deepfakes can be used to create fake videos of politicians by manipulating the words said by them using the deepfake voice technology. Sometimes the face of famous personalities is superimposed on someone else’s body to create fake images and videos. It calls for advancement in cybersecurity parameters.

  • The Rise In AI Technology

AI technology is becoming more advanced. It is bringing the machine learning technology in most of the market segments, including cybersecurity. The technology helps in the quick detection of the recent cyber attacks 2020 and other cyber threats.  AI helps in making a quick response to a cyber attack so as to prevent its spread throughout the organization.

However, using AI, hackers can create programs that can mimic human behavior. Such programs can be employed to trick the users into giving sensitive information. In addition to this, AI technology, if hacked, can be used by hackers for poisoning attacks on AI systems. Such an attack includes injecting some sort of malicious data into the AI program. Some hackers have already used the poisoning attacks to surpass the spam detectors.

  • Advancement Of Quantum Computing

The technology relating to quantum computing is at its infancy stage. But, at its basic, it makes use of some elements of quantum mechanics.

From the cybersecurity point of view, quantum computing will make present-day computers more fast and powerful. However, there is a cyber threat that can also come with this advancement. The hackers can make the use of quantum computers to decipher the cryptographic codes posing a significant threat to cryptographic systems.

  • Election Security

There is a fear amongst the US government regarding the cybersecurity of coming US elections due to the hike in the cyberattacks US. The US government thinks that hackers from other nation-states might aim at targeting the voter-registration databases of the state as well as the local governments. If the hackers get their hands on the voter’s information, then they can either destroy or disrupt this sensitive data. It may result in the prevention of the citizens in casting their votes. Hence, there is a boost in cybersecurity measures by the US government so as to protect the upcoming election from any type of cyber threat.

The primary purpose of this post is to enlighten the user about the possible upcoming cyber threats and cybersecurity trends of 2020 so that one can take proactive measures to reduce the cybersecurity risk.

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