What To Do In Case Of A Healthcare Data Breach?

The frequency of data breaches today is becoming extensively high. Now, think of a situation where you get a data breach news, and this time you have become a victim of a healthcare data breach. What will you do now? How to protect yourself? Today we are going to give answers to all these questions.

With the hike in the number of data breach 2020, you can see a tremendous increase in the cases of the healthcare data breach also. Adversaries get unauthorized access to the systems of healthcare organizations, insurance companies, as well as doctors by infiltrating the network and get hands on your personal health care information. It is how a healthcare data breach occurs. With the implementation of the 5G network, the number of connected devices will increase, and the scope of cyber-attacks will also increase, resulting in large-scale data breaches.

What Happens If Your Healthcare Information Gets Leaked?

In case your healthcare information gets exposed or stolen, the criminal can commit a variety of frauds. The cybercriminal can use your healthcare coverage for his own benefit. It can result in the compromise of your safety as your medical file may consist of misinformation due to the intrusion of adversaries. The criminal can use your personal information in your medical file and make you a victim of identity theft.

Steps To Be Taken After A Healthcare Data Breach

If you have become a victim of a healthcare data breach, then the following steps can help you protect yourself:

  • Get A Data Breach Confirmation

If you have received an email regarding a data breach, then don’t trust that email in the first instance. It could be a scam to get your personal information in which scammers might be impersonating to be a healthcare organization.

For confirming the information of data breach, visit the healthcare organization’s secure website manually instead of clicking on the link present in the email.

  • Find Out Which Data Has Been Compromised

Enquire about what type of data is stolen by cybercriminals? Using your medical information, the thief can assume your identity and can see a doctor making use of your name and can even use the information in any other way.

In case your medical data gets mixed up with the imposter’s healthcare data, it can prove to be fatal for your health whenever you seek a treatment based on your medical file.

Inquiring about stolen data is important to take further protective steps. If the credit card information is stolen, then you can simply call the issuer to block the card and replace it with a new one. If the social security number or personal identifiable information (PII) is exposed, then it can be a more sensitive issue.

  • Accept The Breached Organization’s Offer of Help

If you try to recover from identity theft, then it will cost you a lot, and it is time-consuming too. So, if the healthcare organization that has been breached offers you assistance in repairing the damage and protecting all your personal information, it will be a good option if you consider accepting it.

  • Immediately Change and Strengthen Your Online Credentials

Whenever you get information of any data breach, change the login details, passwords, as well as the security questions and answers of the account whose information has been stolen. Change the credentials of those accounts also who has the same login details.

As an additional safety measure, you can employ two-factor authentication to your accounts. It will add another layer of protection if somebody has your login information. As an extra protection layer, you may receive a security code on your mobile phone to login to the account.

  • Keep Up With All Your Healthcare Information By Contacting The Right Person

The adversaries can use your compromised personal information to commit fraud. Hence, it is necessary to stay ahead of them by keeping up with the various healthcare information providers. Consider doing the following things:

  • Get updates from your doctor’s office relating to your medical records and check whether anyone used your identity fraudulently or not.
  • Ask for the list of individuals, from your healthcare provider, with whom your healthcare information has been shared.
  • Alert the medical service provider, who has asked you for the payment of any service which you didn’t even receive, that your identity has been misused as you have been a victim of a healthcare data breach.
  • Keep a check on your credit reports.
  • Check your Healthcare Saving Account as well as Flexible Spending Account, to ensure that any unauthorized individual is not using your benefits.

Follow the above-mentioned steps, and you’ll be all ready to recover from the healthcare data breach.

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